About Me

BA in Political Science and MSc in International Relations, fluent in Spanish, German and English; basic French, Japanese and Aymara. Extensive international experience with a macro-level knowledge of development economics, political affairs and international relations. Primary research was conducted in International Development Policies and Foreign Policy focusing on Latin American and European affairs. 

I specialize in understanding the core issues shaping global trends. I look into the political landscape and economic trends to identify what motivates different international actors and also what risks businesses, governments and civil societies, in different regions and countries face. It is impossible to understand a political context without understanding the economic or financial factors at the heels of it. In that regard, the campaign NGO Global Justice, compared government revenues to corporate turnover and found that by 2015, 69 of the world's top 100 economies were corporations and the remaining 31 were states. This means that progressively, the private sector has more leverage, making it crucial to ask the right questions in order to reach accurate interpretations of complex socio-economic settings. Furthermore, I capitalize on cultural empathy to permeate deeper into specific contexts. When the logic of market economy and political rationality cannot explain etiquette issues, I rely on acute cultural acumen to understand behavioral tendencies.

Businesses and Governments alike need reliable information for effective decision making in order to increase competitiveness and capabilities by reducing risks. My analysis helps these sectors cope with uncertainty by providing reliable and in-depth interpretation of domestic, regional and international trends

I specialize in Latin American and European affairs focusing on the different aspects of political, social and economic engagements between and within both regions. With professional experience including working in International Trading, Journalism, Academic Research and International Organisations, as a polymath, I have reached a specialized understanding of the LatAm-Europe relationship. This provides me with expert knowledge to offer to whom is interested in doing business or in immersing in foreign policy in these parts of the globe.